Big Sur, California

“The beauty that is focused here and indeed visibly and overwhelmingly surrounds us as we look at the mountains and down to the sea below–transcends time. Beauty is always timeless. Beauty is forever.”

Rosalind Sharp


Located in Central California, Big Sur is a sublime stretch of coastal wilderness nestled between the Pacific ocean and the Santa Lucia mountain range. The region offers breathtaking views of  wilderness and animals like dolphins, otters and if you’re lucky, whales. A place unlike any other.

Getting there

Big Sur is easily accessible by car. 150 miles south of San Francisco and 300 miles north of Los Angeles.

The Lone Cypress, thought to be over 250 years old.

Newborn baby seal along 17-mile drive.

I recommend driving from San Francisco to Monterey. I’d recommend a few nights to enjoy Monterey.

Fun fact, Monterey used to be the capital of Alta California while Spain and Mexico controlled the area. 

Monterey was known for being a sardine-packing powerhouse, popularized by Steinbeck, the area is well known for a strip of coastal land called Cannery Row. Those days of packing sardines long gone, Cannery Row, is now a popular tourist spot to enjoy shops, restaurants and nightlife. Perhaps the biggest draw for us, the Monterey Bay Aquarium sits on the former cannery site, while also straddling the ocean. The aquarium is home to a variety sea creatures, otters and more. You’re just about as likely to see sea otters outside of the aquarium as you are inside the aquarium.

Pebble Beach is another must-see. Home to the U.S. Open, Pebble Beach offers amazing golf and a beautiful seaside road, called 17-mile drive.

Fog rolls in

Driving along Highway 1, you’ll find majestic views of the coast line, and if you’re lucky a rolling fog that tends to descend in the evening. 

After a long day of hiking, it’s time to reward oneself. No evening is complete without a visit to Big Sur’s famous Nepenthe Restaurant. The restaurant offers unparalleled views of the setting sun along the California coast.